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Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd has a team of water softener Service Engineers who have more than 43 years of experience in softener repair and service. This means they are familiar with softener repair and service for all makes and models. One of our regular service contracts is with Cambridge University in Cambridge. We carry out regular preventative service maintenance work on their commercial water softeners every 6 months to make sure that we can keep their softeners in tip-top condition, and also keep the soft water running through the hot and cold water systems. Even with this regular service schedule we still have issues that present themselves from time to time that need attention. WE recently had to replace one of their duplex water softener in the plant room as it was quite an old softener, and the resin media was comming to the end of it’s life span. We install a Clack WS1 duplex softening system which is by far a better system then the old Fleck 9000 duplex softener.

Our team is here to assist you. We can help you determine if your water softener has stopped working or is malfunctioning. You can ask our office staff for suggestions. You can also request a test strip so you know if your water is soft. Maybe your water softener or its plumbing needs a regular check-up. This should be done at least once every two years to check for any issues like resin fade or blocked overflows. We can provide more information about the possibility of your softener being repaired and how much it will cost. We will give you the opportunity to purchase a new unit if your softener proves unreliable. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, within one month we will refund you for our cost-effectiveness investigation. This ensures that you don’t waste any money on an old softener. While there are only a few manufacturers, several dozen valves (the main mechanical component of a water softener), there are many brands and models. We’ve likely seen the model you are looking for before. We’ll work with you quickly if it’s not. Hard Water Solutions in Cambridge. Water softeners and water filters – benefits – installation & maintenance An electrically powered water softener is most likely made from an Autotrol or Clack, Ecowater Fleck, Hague Siata, Fleck, Hague, Siata, or Waterside valve. Other brands of water softeners include Aquadial, BWT and Culligan.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd Water Softener service and repairs across East Anglia

Our water softener repairs and services are available across five counties: Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire Our field-based service team can offer friendly, professional, and expert water softener repairs and service in Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex as well as Bishop’s Stortford, East Cambridgeshire, and elsewhere.

The quality of the water you have in your home is just as important as your health. There are many factors that can affect the performance of your equipment, such as the quality and quantity of the incoming water. Our High-skilled technicians can maintain your water softeners for your peace of mind, with experts in non-electric water softeners and repairs and services, for example, if you have one of the following:- Harvey’s Crown, Minimax, Dualflo, Bigblue, Aquamax, Twin-tech Softeners or Kinetico 2020c, the 2030s, 2030 Mach series, 2060s, 2100, 2175. Autotrol 255,740,760,762, Fleck 5600,2750,2900.9000 duplex,9100 duplex, Clack WS1,WS2,WS3 simplex or duplex, Siata 132, Pentair, softeners.Eco, Tapworks, Waterside 250-350,

Local experts in water softener service, repair and maintenance near me

Most major water softener brands can be serviced by us. Our engineers have been trained and undergo regular update training in order to stay current with the most recent developments in water softening technology. Our specialized internal cleaning and sanitization of softeners or drinking water filters will bring back their performance “as new”. For more information, please contact us.
We will not be able to schedule any work that is missed or cancelled within the 24-hour deadline.
We carry many popular service spares in our vans so that they are available when we carry out the service We can control and programme electrical softener systems so that to make sure the regeneration occurs at the most optimal time of day. This ensures that water is always soft.

Some machines have a technique that uses proportional bringing to determine the exact amount of water required before regeneration takes place, and controls how much brine is needed for each regeneration cycle, this ensures that the resin can be restored and allows water to be used more effectively.

With some units, Two resin tanks are used which is known as a duplex system, or a twin tank system. One tank is always in service while the second tank is left in standby mode. When the first tank has been exhausted the controller changes to the standby tank, and the main tank regenerates, this provides continuity of soft water which is important for many commercial businesses.

The system also continues to switch between tanks, replenishing as necessary. Twin tank water softener systems regenerate based on volume.

There are many sizes and designs of water softeners, and while all systems utilize the same proven ion exchange process, they differ in their operational and control technology. The water softener should be installed as close to the mains cold water inlet as possible.

It will be necessary to attach a drain line outlet to a waste pipe for the regeneration discharge of water. Although installing a water softener can be done with a few simple steps, it must also conform to water regulations. We recommend that you have your water softener installed by professionals.

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