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Big Blue Dualflo Non-Electric twin tank water softener

Harvey's Big Blue non-electric twin tank water softener system for large houses, guest houses, small family hotels

Harveys Aquamax Dualflo twin tank water softener

Harvey's Aquamax Dual flow non-electric metered controlled water softener with a separate salt tank, ideal for up to 4 bathrooms

Harvey's Dualflo internal view of water softener

Dualflo block salt water softener internal view of resin vessels and control valve, Fits nicely into the kitchen base unit

Harvey's Dualflo Non-Electric twin tank metered controlled water softener that fits nicely into your kitchen cupboard. One of the great things about this type of water softener is putting the 2 blocks of salt into the unit. No more problems with trying to lift a 25kg bag of salt.

Harvey's Dualflo non-electric twin tank water softener

Aquamaster offers you a one-stop solution for all your Harvey water softeners and Harvey’s Dualflo Non-Electric twin tank block salt compact water softeners, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire. Domestic or Commercial inquiries welcomed.



All Harvey water softeners use block salt and will normally fit under the sink, unlike some other makes of water softeners. The Harvey’s Dualflo block salt twin tank non-electric compact water softener has been designed to fit into small spaces. This water softener machine will fit nicely in the kitchen cupboard, that was what it was designed to do. Most domestic household water softeners that are electrically operated, are too big and chunky to fit neatly into the kitchen cupboard. So which water softener should you buy, l hear you ask !! the best domestic water softener today, in my opinion, Harvey’s Dualflo block salt duplex water softener, it’s a small and compact water softener that delivers good quality soft water. There are many people that like fitting a water softener themselves, which is fine if you know what you are doing.

We have carried out many Water softener installations in Cambridge and Bishops Stortford and surrounding areas over the years. As we have been in the water treatment business since 1975, our customers are very important to us. We pride ourselves on providing our domestic or commercial customers with a clean and tidy job that they will be happy with. We are not the cheapest company to do business with, but we always look after our customers with care and respect. There are always companies that are only interested in making a quick buck, and when the water softener breaks down they are nowhere to be found.


In hard water areas, excess minerals in your supply can create havoc in the home.

Hard water softeners and facts

Hard water delivers lime-scale right at the heart of your plumbing system. Scale blocks pipes, furs up boilers, affects the functioning of appliances.

Dualflo water softeners stop the Scum buildup in your water. Hard water limescale takes the bubble out of your bath water and leaves a sticky, dull residue on your hair, skin and clothes Rinsed crockery and glassware looks streaky, baths and sinks look smeary.

Towels and nappies may feel stiff and rough after washing
Introduce the Dualflo softener to your hard water system and you’ll
have a constant stream of beautiful, softened water that
brings immediate benefits – all around the house.

Going soft with Harvey’s Dualflow twin tank, non-electric block salt water softener.

Immediate savings on heating energy Cuts down on repair, replacement and
maintenance of pipes and appliances Puts the sparkle back into baths, sinks, showers,
crockery and glassware
No more blocked shower heads, scum rings in the bath, or furred kettles
Acts as a natural conditioner on fibers as well as your own hair and skin
Gives rich lather from very little soap, and crystal clear water for rinsing
Saves on the washing machine and dishwater chemicals

You can even retain a supply of hard water for drinking if you prefer,
as we can provide a tap to your sink as part of our installation.

How water softeners work

Water softeners are designed to remove the minerals, Calcium, and Magnesium that causes Scale and Scum. They are intended to treat the whole house supply. So they are installed close to the point where the water supply enters the premises. Water softeners have been used since 1903 to prevent Scale in boilers, so the technology is well understood and their performance is predictable and reliable.

Water softeners involve a process called ion exchange which uses an ion exchange resin. The resin comprises tiny polymeric beads that are specially formulated so that they can be charged with certain ions. Calcium and Magnesium, the causes of Scale and Scum in hard water, are referred to as ions, and as water passes through the resin the Calcium and Magnesium ions swap places with Sodium ions on the resin. The sodium salt, unlike Calcium and Magnesium, is highly soluble so sodium does not cause Scale or Scum. When all the sodium ions have been exchanged for Calcium or Magnesium, the resin must be regenerated by recharging it with sodium ions. This is done by flushing the resin with a salt solution ( brine).

Water softeners are supplied in different shapes and sizes. All have a tank to hold the resin through which the water is passed to soften it, all have a tank to store and dissolve the salt for the regenerating brine and all water softeners regenerate automatically. There are various ways in which water softeners determine when to regenerate- some are fitted with a timer and some regenerate after a pre-set volume of water has been treated.

The Harvey Dualflo water softeners make a Difference

A water softener needs to measure the amount of water that has passed through it in order to accurately regenerate the resin bed. Most water softeners on the domestic market today, use turbine metering systems which cannot cope with low flow rates such as a dripping tap or ball-valve reaching the end of its fill cycle, therefore more water goes through the water softener than the metering system has measured and the softener becomes very inefficient.

Harvey’s softeners use a patented ‘displacement’ water meter, the same type of meter that is used by the water companies to measure the water usage of a property. This type of metering is highly accurate being able to measure everything from a dripping tap to a full-on flow from a pressurized hot water system. This means that our water softeners ONLY regenerate when necessary, thereby saving the customer money on wastage from salt and regeneration water.

Just think of how much you’ll save by having a Harvey Dualflo modern water softener in your house.

From bars of soap to plumber’s bills… the savings start from day one and go on and on and on. You can recoup the initial outlay after around 4 years.

You don’t have to replace existing hot water cylinders and plumbing. Softened water will descale your pipes and dissolve away all existing scales.

Washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, hot water cylinders, showers, kettles, irons, coffee makers…. every appliance which uses water is more efficient and lasts longer.

The latest softeners are plumbed very easily. If you move home it’s no more difficult to take it with you than a washing machine or dishwasher.


The Dualflo range of domestic water softeners represents the very latest in water softening technology. Fully WRAS approved these softeners are designed and manufactured in the UK for British homes. Featuring highly accurate displacement of water meters, non-electric technology, twin-cylinder capacity, and high flow rates, suitable for both vented and unvented systems. Coupled with a very compact design ( will fit in a standard kitchen quality cupboard), and convenience of block salt on the standard model, high-quality full bore fitting kits, and unrivaled back-up support from the factory, these are simply THE best water softeners on the market.

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