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Autotrol 255 460i valve

Autotrol water softener valve with the 460i programmer

Fleck 2900 valve

This is the Fleck 3900 water softener valve

Fleck 5600 time clock water softener valve

This is the Fleck 5600 time clock operated water softener valve mostly used on domestic softening system

Siata XP controller water softener valve

This is the Siata XP controller mounted on a V132 water softener valve

Clack WS1 5 button valve water softener or for filter system

This is the Clack WS1 valve that can be used for a water softener or filtration systems

Fleck 2750 water softener valve with metered controller

This is a Fleck 2750 water softener valve with the old mechanical metering system

Fleck 5600SE water softener Metered Valve

This is a Fleck 5600 SE water softener valve with a microprocessor digital display, now replaced by the SXT programmer

Harvey's Dualfo non-electric water softener being serviced

This is a Havey's Dualflo non-electric block salt water softener control valve being serviced and tested

These are just a few of the different types of water treatment valves that are used in the water softening and filtration industry today. There a lot more different valves that l have not mentioned. If you require a service or any maintenance troubleshooting repairs, Call Chris Today 01354 740896 or 07534 419 276

Water softeners and service repairs Cambridge

The importance of servicing your water softener and carrying out necessary repair work regularly

Cambridge and Cambridgeshire has very high levels of water hardness, this cause’s limescale build-up in your hot water tank, combination boilers, and hot and cold pipework

Cambridge has one of the highest levels of water hardness levels in the area. This is in the region of 316 ppm (parts per million) (milligrams per litre) (18.8 grains per gallon US scale)
Cambridge Water Company has approximately 351,000 population of customers, which includes Cambridge, and to the North, Ramsey, Gamlingay in the West, Balsham in the East, and Melbourn in the South.

Cambridge is also part of Cambridgeshire, which includes Ely, Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Whittlesey, Peterborough, St.Ives, and St.Neots One of the well-known things that tourists come to Cambridge for, are the universities. The Front Court of King’s is very impressive to look at and walk around. The grass is kept like a tennis court with the well-designed stripes that we see at Wimbledon every year. The King’s College Chapel is regarded as one of the finest examples of late Gothic English architecture. It has the world’s largest Fan Vault, and the chapel’s impressive stained-glass windows and wooden chancel screen are considered some of the finest from their era.

What type of water softener do you need for your home?

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