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This is just a small collection of cold water storage tanks that had sludge and hard water limescale buildup in them. It is very important that your cold water tanks are kept clean to prevent nutrients for bacteria to feed on, once this happens Legionella can take over your hot and cold water services, Call Chris Today 01354 740896 or 07534 419 276

Aquamaster offers you a one – stop solution for all your water chlorination service requirements.
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Aquamaster carries out water chlorination service to hot and cold water services and pipework, cold water storage tanks, and hot water calorifiers., Cleaning and disinfection for prevention and control of Legionella to ACOP L8 Regulations ( BS6700: 1997 ). After alterations have been made or new pipework installed to hot and cold water services, the whole system needs to be cleaned in accordance with the ACOP L8 recommendations.

We are finding that Pseudomonas outbreaks in hot and cold water systems are becoming more common than Legionella. The summertime is an ideal time of year for bacteria to start to proliferate and colonize in the hot and cold water services, Particularly the cold water storage tanks. I come across lots of cases where the cold water storage tanks are full of sludge, this is an ideal nutrient that bacteria can feed on, especially when the water temperatures become elevated. Coldwater temperatures should be kept below 20 degrees C, and hot water temperatures should be above 50 degrees C.

Coldwater storage tanks should be checked every 6 months to make sure that the internal surfaces are clean and free from sludge deposits.
Water hygiene is very important and must be a priority to ensure that any members of staff or the public are protected against the effect of bacteria or viruses.
If your water system has become infected with Pseudomonas, and somebody washes their hands, it could quite easily be transferred by wet hands to another tap or surface.
Make sure your hot and cold water services stay free of limescale buildup, and your system meets the rules set out by ACOP L8.

We issue certification on completion.

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