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Bluewater superior osmosis drinking water

Pure drinking water systems are the best choice for your Health

Water filters remove impurities such as bacteria, taste, odour and hardness from water to produce better water quality. We offer many filters and cartridges that can solve water problems, from making better-tasting water to cooking and making ice.

Our bodies are 55-75% water, making it one of the most vital substances on Earth. It is no wonder that water purity is vital for your health and wellbeing. All bodily functions are dependent on water.
It is essential for many applications, including science, medicine, transport, heating, recreation, food processing, washing, and, perhaps, the most important: drinking water.

Drinking water purifiers and water filters

Most people drink water from the municipal water supply. However, is it safe and healthy? It may also have unpleasant tastes or odours due to chemicals like chlorine. These chemicals are used to kill germs and bacteria. You may find limescale deposits on your shower cubicles and plumbing hot water tanks depending on your location. Appliance damage can be very costly. Water filtration and purification can solve many other water issues, including limescale formation and chlorine taste/odour.

How do water filters work in practice?

Mechanical filtration works by physically removing any sediment or dirt from the water, these types of filters are also known as a particular filtering system. You can choose from simple mesh filters that remove sediment or large particles to ceramic filters with complex pores for fine filtration of pathogenic organisms.

A micron rating is a measurement of how efficient a filter using mechanical filtration is. This indicates the effectiveness of its ability to remove particles of any size. You might also see the following ratings: 0.5 microns,1 micron, 5 microns, 10 microns, 25 microns, and so on up to 100 microns.
Water filters for taste and odour use mainly use activated carbon. This is a highly efficient material for capturing contaminants. Granular activated carbon is an effective filtration medium. It has a high density and a well-balanced pore structure for better absorption so can be quite beneficial in the filtration process.

Water filter systems eliminate unwanted taste and odours in mains water. They provide fresh and clean water right from the tap. Inline filters, which are used in domestic household systems, can be installed under the sink and in a small area, as they don’t take up much space. Commercial water filter systems can be slightly different depending upon their usage in the kitchen and on any special equipment. You can purchase water filter systems that include an installation kit to install it into your main cold water pipe.

The Top Water Filter system That Removes Metal, Chlorine, and Bacteria

The process of reverse osmosis is to remove dissolved organic solids from water. This happens by pushing it through semipermeable membranes under pressure. Pure water flows to either a storage tank or directly to your tap, depending on the type of RO system you buy. For all Contaminants larger than the membrane’s pore size, they are sent down the concentrate line that runs to the drain connection.
Water pressure is used to push water through the membrane in reverse osmosis systems. Depending on the mains water pressure a delivery pump may be required to accomplish a higher pressure. Multi-stage water filtering can be more costly than traditional filtration techniques. However, RO is used in cases where 99.9% purity is needed. RO is also being increasingly used for coffee-making machines as the preferred method of water treatment.

Bluewater from Sweden produces purifiers that are among the world’s most effective Drinking Water Purifiers. They remove 99.99% and 99% respectively of organic and inorganic contaminants and produce water that is exceptional in quality and taste.

Bluewater Pro 400CV and Bluewater Pro 600CV water purifiers can produce the purest water available today. Bluewater Sweden set out to eliminate plastic water bottles that cause damage to the planet. Bluewater has designed its own stainless steel bottles that can be filled with purified water from the Bluewater purifier in your home or business. Pro 400CV RO purifiers offer excellent water purity. It can remove 99% of nitrates as well as lead and 99% of heavy metals.

Aquamaster can provide the best quality and purest healthiest drinkingwater with tankless reveres osmosis systems. By calling us today on 01354 74896 or 07534419276. We will help you plan the best possible drinking water experience, fitting high-quality water into your home.

The most effective method of purifying drinking water is reverse osmosis. It is often combined with other filters, such as an activated carbon (absorption) and a sediment (mechanical) filter. This allows for water to be of excellent quality with no nasty contaminants.

RO Water is essential for making the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee bean requires a special mix of minerals to release its full flavour. Protecting and cleaning costly espresso machines requires a coffee machine with a filtration system that will give protection. Luckily, we have the right equipment to deal with coffee machine water filters. All Bluewater Pro spirit purifiers include a high-pressure pump that provides continuous water flow.

Purer than bottled water and without any environmental impacts

A micron rating is a measurement of how efficient a filter using mechanical filtration is. This indicates the effectiveness of its ability to remove particles of any size. You might also see the following ratings:

Every filtration technique has its limitations. Water filters and filtration systems often use multiple methods to attain a certain level of purity. For example, household water filters use mechanical, absorption, and ion exchange. Inline filters, however, will use mechanical and absorption, with the possible addition of sequestration, if necessary to prevent scale buildup. Reverse osmosis systems may use mechanically or absorption depending on the number of stages it has.

Our professional expertise and qualifications allow us to offer a high-quality service.

Our 40 years of combined experience in multi-function tap design, delivery and installation, as well as water purification, has given us the ability to offer our expertise. Our reputation is that of the leading experts in water purification. We have installed our systems in many establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, caterers, schools of cookery, and hotels. Our engineers are specially qualified to service and install your system. We also have an engineer on call for any support

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