Water softeners and service repairs Cambridge

The importance of having your water softener serviced and repaired regularly.
Cambridge and Cambridgeshire has very high levels of water hardness, this cause’s limescale build-up in your hot water tank, combination boilers, and hot and cold pipework

Cambridge has one of the highest levels of water hardness levels in the area. This is in the region of 316 ppm (parts per million) (milligrams per litre) (18.8 grains per gallon US scale)
Cambridge Water Company has approximately 351,000 population of customers, which includes Cambridge, and to the North, Ramsey, Gamlingay in the West, Balsham in the East and Melbourn in the South.

Cambridge water softeners and servicing

Cambridge is also part of Cambridgeshire, which includes Ely, Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Whittlesey, Peterborough, St.Ives, and St.Neots One of the well-known things that tourist come to Cambridge for, are the universities. The Front Court of King's is very impressive to look at and walk around. The grass is kept like a tennis court with the well-designed stripes that we see at Wimbledon every year. The King’s College Chapel is regarded as one of the finest examples of late Gothic English architecture. It has the world's largest Fan Vault, and with the chapel's impressive stained-glass windows and wooden chancel screen are considered some of the finest from their era.

30 Common water softener problems found in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

1. Water softener is not softening the water
2. Water softener salt level does not go down.
3. Water level is too high in salt tank.
4. Water softener does not regenerate automatically.
5. Water softener continually runs to the drain.
6. Error code comes up on microprocessor.
7. Water softener valve is leaking water into the salt tank
8. Brown beads are coming out of the taps.
9. Regenerates water softener at the wrong time of day
10. Water taste salty from the kitchen tap.
11. White spots on glassware and dark surfaces.
12. Low water pressure ( low flow rate)
13. Kinetico water softener problems
14. Water meter disc is not turning
15. The unit will not go into automatic regeneration
16. No vacuum in brine position
17. Short salting
18. Bridged salt in the brine drum
19. Bypass valve open
20. The bypass valve is letting by.
21. Brine tank does not fill with water
22. High salt consumption
23. Restricted drain line
24. Backwash flow control is plugged
25. The drain is extremely long or placed higher than 8’ above the floor
26. Treated water has a yellow tint.
27. Water softener feed pressure is too high
28. The unit makes a squealing noise
29. The unit sticks in the regeneration or backwash cycle.
30. The unit sticks in the service cycle

Water softeners Cambridge

What type of water softener do you need for your home in Cambridge?
The most popular water softeners installed in homes in Cambridgeshire are the Harvey’s Dualflo Compact non-electric block salt water softeners. The Harvey’s Dualflo water softeners do not require any electricity to run them. The Harvey’s Dualflo non-electric water softeners come in various sizes and can be installed in a kitchen cupboard, or in an outside fully frost proofed cabinet. This would be ideal if you don’t have space in your kitchen cupboards. There are twin tank non-electric block salt water softeners for small size families, and larger machines to cope with larger houses and small hotels and guest homes

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