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Bluewater Pro 600C HR Tankless Direct flow Purifier

Bluewater Pro HF 600C tankless purifiers that supply up to 6 litres per minute continuous flow rate

Bluewater Pro 600CV HR Tankless Direct flow Purifier

Bluewater Pro 600CV-HR and 400CV- HR ultimate sentinel extra high rejection membrane innovated for the clinical environments

Buy Bluewater Pro-HF or HR from Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd 01354 740896

If you are looking for a tank-less reverse osmosis purification system that delivers a continuous supply of high-quality purified water, you have come to the right place. Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd is your one-stop supplier for the Bluewater Pro water filtration systems.

The Bluewater Pro Direct flow purifiers have been supplied and installed in some of the worlds best restaurants, hotels, catering events companies, British Airways, and homeowners

Chris the Director of Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd as a wealth of experience and knowledge with the Bluewater Pro range of water purifiers. Aquamaster also supplies a complete range of replacement filters, membranes, solenoid valves, descaling powder for membrane cleaning, and any other parts that are required to keep your Bluewater Pro system producing high-quality purified water.
The Bluewater Pro purifier range of water purification systems is quite small in size, but they can produce up to 300 litres per hour of permeate output. This makes them ideal for dishwashers and glass washing machines in Hotels, Catering event companies, restaurants, and a lot of other industries.
There has been a lot of publicity in the news recently regarding plastic drinking water bottles, and plastic in general. We have found that some companies are pro-active in reducing, and removing plastic bottles of drinking water from the companies premises. These companies are having The Bluewater Pro and the Bluewater Spirit 300 range of direct flow reverse osmosis purifiers installed in their kitchen. They supply all their staff with reusable drinking water bottles, this is great news for all of us, as it helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd is a distributor for Bluewater purifiers in the United Kingdom, but supplies parts and technical support to customers in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France, Belgium, Ireland,/h3>

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