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Bluewater Pro 600C HR Direct flow Purifier

Bluewater Pro 600 and 600CV are Compact models that provide one of the best direct flow rates for a reverse osmosis filtration systems for its size,

with patented premium osmosis technology is a water purifier that provides 6,912 liters of water per day, with this high flow point of use water system that removes waterborne contaminants is easy to install and will greatly improve the quality of water providedby municipal water companies, or can be installed as part of a well water purification system. We have 6 Pro machine working in parallel that supplies an entire marina supplied with brackish water and produces 40, 000 litres per day. The patented second generation SuperiorOsmosis™ technology is also used on the brackish water models. Bluewater Pro 600C-hf is ideal for commercial dishwasher to ensure sparkling pristine water . The compact and robust bluewater HR pro reverse osmosis technology is ideal in providing fresh water to produce pure ice as the water quality is higher quality than the HF models.

Bluewater Pro 600C replacement filter Part No 919240005

Premium Carbon block prefilter replacement filters for the Bluewater Pro 600-and CV models,

or the Dometic RO600C units 2 filters required when being changed. The Premium filters install easy into each filter housing and can be carried out by the customer, Or we can carry out the filter change for you.

Bluewater Pro 600C replacement filter Part No 919240005

Pro Ultimate Carbon replacement filter for the Pro 600-and CV models

These replacement filters can also be used on the Dometic RO600C units or the old Electrolux models, 2 filters required

Bluewater Pro ultimate and 600CV purification purifiers and water filtration systems are produced by Bluewater in Sweden.
Buy Bluewater Pro 600 water purifiers from Aquamaster which offers a great range of reverse osmosis purifying systems and delivers one of the highest flow rates in the industry. We will look after your water purification requirements, including installation, service, and maintenance, filter replacements, and membrane changes.

The Bluewater Pro 600C HF and 600CV HR purifiers are used in many catering events companies and hotels for their glass washing machines. These reverse Osmosis Water Systems are ideal for Food and Beverage Production companies

The Bluewater Pro 600 and Pro 600CV reverse osmosis purifiers are sold in Major markets around the world, PHN0cm9uZz4=Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ technology; patented technology delivers on-demand clearer, cleaner, healthier water direct from the tap. Innovated and manufactured in Sweden, Compact and highly efficient bluewater pro 600 improves users’ quality of life, health, and well-being by removing practically all known waterborne contamination from drinking water, including micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins

Commercial ro systems are used extensively in the catering industry, and are ideal for providing high quality pure water for glass washers


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