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Bluewater Pro 600CV HR Tankless Direct flow Purifier

Bluewater Pro 600C HF tankless reverse osmosis water purifiers which use a extra high flow premium membrane, for high quality superiorosmosis and highly advanced water filter system.

Bluewater Pro 600C replacement filter. Part No 1507609004.jpg

Relacement carbon block water filter for Pro HF-HR 600 and Dometic RO600C water purifiers 2 filters are required.

Dometic RO600C replacement filter Part No 919240005

Replacement carbon block filters for Bluewater Pro 600 and Dometic RO600C Part No 1507609004

New replacement filters for the RO600C, RO600CV, Dometic RO600C require both filters to be changed together. Professional water systems and purifiers for dishwashers, glass-washers in professional kitchens, hotels, and catering events companies

Professional water purification systems and purification purifiers for dishwashers, glass-washers in professional kitchens, hotels, and catering events companies

Buy Bluewater Pro 600 that comes with extra high flow premium membrane call today on 01354 740896 for restaurants and glass-washers will save you time and money,/strong>

Bluewater Pro compact and highly efficient purifiers have been designed to resolve solutions for tackling the water impurities in professional kitchens and catering events companies.
Hard water limescale can affect the dishwasher/ glasswasher operating efficiency, and increase operating costs. A Bluewater Pro 600 water purifier with SuperiorOsmosis™ technology will remove contaminants, sediment, and chlorine by the 2 ultimate carbon block pre-water filters.

As a Bluewater professionally authorized installer we can boost the bottom line profits substantially by preventing the damage caused by hard water limescale build-up. This limescale
will clog up a washing machine and start leaving a cloudy smeary residue on glassware and crockery. With the Pro HF purifiers having advanced membrane technology and post-wash filtration technology, the use of chemical cleaning products can be reduced considerably. Labour costs will decline as tableware and glassware no longer need to be polished by hand.

The problems that a Bluewater Pro 600 purification system will resolve

Thanks to Bluewater Pro’s unique proven membrane design, the Bluewater Pro 600 machines clean the raw inlet water entering a dishwasher or glass washing machine to high purity levels. With all the problematic impurities and hard water limescale removed, this will leave glassware and crockery sparkling clean and ready to use. The Pro is a compact reverse osmosis machine measuring 225mm width x 430mm depth x 466mm height. The Bluewater Pro range is WQA Gold Seal certified and is designed for the food and beverage service industry.
With professional Kitchens and catering events companies looking for new cutting-edge water purifiers that can provide multiple applications and deliver reliable peace-of-mind results.
With Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd’s support service, we can offer you peace of mind and reliability.

Why choose a professional RO water purifier like Pro 600 purifiers. These reverse osmosis systems are installed in professional kitchens, hotels, and catering events companies because they are compact and reliable

Using state-of-the-art membrane technology, the Pro 600 purifierswill provide a long-lasting, compact point-of-use water purification drinking water system, or professional kitchens and catering events companies a near-endless source of purified water for cooking, washing, and drinking water. Thanks to its patented Superior-Osmosis technology system, the Pro 600 product account for drastically reduces contaminants and the wastewater tradition associated with the standard reverse osmosis systems, which means users get more usable water for their money and is great news for the environment.
All-Pro 600 reverse osmosis products are very compact in design, which means that can be installed next to the dishwasher or glass washers. There is also a water quality
indicator that lets you know when the water filters need to be changed, or if the water quality is not up to standard. Sparkling glasses and gleaming cutlery – with no need for polishing, straight out of your dishwasher or glasswasher machine.

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