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Bluewater Cleone- reverse osmosis water purifiers

Bluewater Cleone water filter machine for homes

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Bluewater Cleone 1 year service filter pact

Home water purification system for healthy drinking water for all the family

Best drinking water quality from Bluewater Cleone water putifiers

Pure tasting purified drinking water that provides excellent tasting water

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Bluewater Cleone water purification machines use the best technologies available in producing purified drinking water for family households in the United Kingdom.
Turning your tap water into healthier drinking water.

Aquamaster offers you a one-stop solution for the Best Bluewater Cleone purification purifiers and water purification systems produced by Bluewater in Sweden.
Bluewater Cleone’s range of reverse osmosis purifying systems delivers one of the highest flow rates in the industry. We will look after your water purification requirements, including installation, service, and maintenance of filters and membrane changes. For those of you who would like to install the purification system themselves that is fine.

With the uncertainty of what is coming out of the tap water these days and especially now a lot of the water authorities are going to be adding Fluoride to the water, now is the time to act and protect your family from harmful chemicals that you could be drinking.

We need to act to stop the fluoridation of our water supply in the United Kingdom. There are 61 million targeted households in the UK. The fluoride chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are: fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride. Unlike the fluoride compounds found in toothpaste or supplements, fluoridation chemicals are not pharmaceutical-grade quality. They are, instead, impurified industrial by-products that are collected in the air pollution control systems of certain industries.

Due to the lack of processing, these chemicals are known to contain elevated levels of certain contaminants, particularly arsenic. In addition, recent research — including both epidemiological and laboratory investigations — has detected associations between the fluoridation of water with fluorosilicic acid and elevated lead exposure, particularly those living in houses with old pipes.

The Bluewater reveres osmosis systems are an ideal purification solution for protecting your drinking water from the harmful effects of Fluoride, heavy metals,

Reduction Performance
Measured as membrane rejection of known pollutants

Salt Rejection [TDS] 95.3%
Copper 99%
Cyst 99%
Fluoride 98%
Lead 99%
Nitrate 98%
Nitrite 97%
Turbidity 99%

How to Choose the Right Bluewater Purifier Reverse Osmosis System for Your Home

Choosing the right Bluewater reverse osmosis water purifier for your home can take a lot of time. There are 3 Cleone models available: The Cleone Classic, The Cleone Balance which has an additional mineraliser filter, The top of the range is the Cleone Purity Plus, this model comes with the mineraliser filter plus an ultraviolet sterilizer to make sure that you are protected from bacteria and viruses.
You want to make sure you get the best purifiers that have a gold seal-approved certification, this is important as they have been certified to deliver the best quality purified water.
Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd has been installing and servicing the best quality home purification systems for 47 years and can advise on different types of purifiers available. We can help you decide which one is best for your budget requirements. When considering the best size unit for your needs and the cost and all of the features it offers. Once you’ve made your choices,
we will install and commission your reverse osmosis purifier so that it works to the optimum performance. All our water purifiers come with a warranty so you can be sure you’re covered if anything goes wrong. With a little bit of effort, you can find the perfect reverse osmosis purifier for your home.

The Benefits of Installing a Bluewater Reverse Osmosis Purifier in Your Home

When you have a Bluewater reverse osmosis water purifier installed in your home you are going to love the taste of the purified water it produces, it is a game-changer. Not only will you be able to enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water straight from your drinking water faucet tap, but you’ll also be able to say goodbye to all the nasty-tasting chlorinated water and other contaminants that can be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on the purity of our drinking water. There are still many areas that suffer from high levels of nitrates,
heavy metals and now the addition of Fluoride. Local water authorities intend to start adding fluoride back into the water, this is quite shocking and should not be allowed. A reverse osmosis purification system will remove up to 95% of all contaminants from the water supply so will protect your family from all these nasty contaminants.

The Pros and Cons of Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Reverse osmosis water purifiers are one of the best methods of producing clean, fresh drinking water, but they come with some pros and cons. On the plus side of things, they will remove 95% of all contaminants from your water supply, including heavy metals, bacteria, and other pollutants. Also with advances in membrane technology and design, a lot of RO systems carry out clean water flush through the membrane to make sure it does not become blocked with organic matter. Some reverse osmosis systems work with just the pressure of the mains water,
if that is not sufficient an electric pressure pump can be added to maintain sufficient pressure on forcing the raw water through the membrane.

On the downside, they can be expensive to install and maintain, and they can also remove some minerals from your water. Plus, some of the cheaper purifiers can be slow to produce the purified water. If you’re looking for one of the higher-priced systems that come as a tankless type, these units provide a continuous flow of pure water. All in all, a reverse osmosis purifier is a great investment to guarantee fresh tasting clean drinking water, but like everything in life, you need to carry out your research to find the best solutions for your water quality problems.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Bluewater Cleone Reverse Osmosis Purifier

When it comes to maintenance and servicing of your reverse osmosis water purifier it is one of the most important things to have carried out regularly, normally every 6 months. When having your purifiers serviced and the water filters changed regularly you can avoid major problems from happening and any issues can be sorted out quickly, this will make sure your water purifiers are producing excellent high quality drinking water. It is very important to change the filters at least every 6 months, this can vary depending on the amount of water that is used, If you don’t use that much water it is still good practice to make sure your system is kept up to date with regular filter changes. It is all so necessary to clean the internal parts of the filter housings that hold the filters in before the new filters are fitted and also add some mild detergent to make sure that no bacteria can enter the system.

The pressure tank also needs to be checked for the correct air pressure and it’s always a good idea to sanitise the tank at the same time.
Make sure you don’t use any strong chemicals, as this could damage the unit. On completion of the service make sure all of the purification levels working properly and not leaking.
If you follow these steps, your reverse osmosis water purifier should continue to provide the best quality drinking water for you and your family.

The Different Types of Bluewater Reverse Osmosis Purifiers and Their Benefits

There are many types of reverse osmosis purifiers that can be used to produce purified water, they provide a reliable and well-tested method for producing one of the best ways of purification in the world today.
Depending on what purpose the reverse osmosis systems will be designed for will dictate the size of the system. The reverse osmosis systems come in a variety of types, from the Cleone models to the direct flow tankless machines that are capable of providing the whole house with purified water.
The Cleone reverse osmosis models are great for installing under the kitchen sink and can be connected straight to the drinking water faucet which makes them quite easy to install and use. Whole-house systems are more expensive to install and require some pre-treatment, like a water softener and cold water tank, pressure vessel, but they will provide clean water to every faucet in your home which is ideal for knowing that all your water is purified and safe to use.

The benefits of reverse osmosis water purifiers are huge – they remove contaminants like lead, chlorine, and bacteria, and they also improve the taste of your water. Plus,
you never have to worry about lugging heavy bottles of water from the supermarket or local shop. So when it comes to providing your family with the best quality water that is clean and pure,
reverse osmosis purifiers are definitely worth checking out.

How to Install a Reverse Osmosis Purifier in Your Home

Installing a reverse osmosis water purifier in your home or business is one of the best forms of water purification you can have. And provides a way to make sure you’re getting clean, safe drinking water. If you are used to carrying out DIY tasks around your home, fitting a reverse osmosis system should not be too hard to do, but it does require some basic plumbing skills.
The first step would be to shut off the cold water main stop valve on the cold water pipe that is normally located under the kitchen sink. Once you have decided on a location in the kitchen cupboard where you would like to fit the RO module, you will need to push in the coloured-coded pipes into the connection at the back of the machine, this is quite straightforward. A lot of the domestic reverse osmosis systems have colour-coded tubing already attached to the system, so it is just a case of following the instructions on where to connect them too. Once all the tubing is connected to the correct connections you can cut a shutoff valve into the cold water main supply pipe, and leave the valve turned off while you fit the membrane and new filters into their correct filter housings. After that, you’ll need to attach the drain line from the RO system to an air gap drain pipe. You can now turn on the cold water valve to allow the water to come into the reverse osmosis system, depending on your water pressure it can take up to five hours before your hold tank is full of water. You will need to dump the first tank of water as this will have some steriliser in it. When the second tank of purified water is available you can start enjoying the great taste of the water.


Don’t we need the minerals in the water for good health?

No-Definitely Not!
Your body cannot utilize inorganic minerals…..99% of the minerals in the water are inorganic.
The human body can only benefit from organic minerals (These minerals are only found in food)

For an example…..Just one glass of orange juice contains more beneficial (organic) minerals than 240 glasses of tap water.

Only living plants have the power to extract inorganic minerals from the earth. No human can extract nourishment from the inorganic minerals.

>h2>Inorganic minerals are harmful to your health

What the body cannot assimilate or excrete, it stores. Therefore Inorganic Minerals are stored and their toll on your body can cause these problems:


For 100% Health Your Body Should Be Free Of Inorganic Minerals

Your Body Needs Pure Water. It is The Perfect Drink For Inner Cleanliness And Good Health.

Sources of information:
Dr Henry A.Schroeder
Dr T.C.McDaniel
Dr Allen E.Banik
Dr Paul C.Bragg
Dr N.W.Wallace

All the above Doctors are Eminent Specialist in Nutrition of Good Health.

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