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Cleone- reverse osmosis water purifiers

Bluewater Cleone domestic reverse osmosis systems offer filtered purified water straight to your kitchen faucet

Bluewater Cleone side view of replacement filters

Bluewater Cleone reverse osmosis drinking water purifier for your home and family

Bluewater Cleone 1 year service filter pact

Cleone purifier replacement filters

Best home use Bluewater Cleone domestic reverse osmosis purifying unit, that offers good quality drinking water filtration

The Cleone RO system also comes with a storage tank to store the purified water in, this is normally sited next to the filtration module.
All purifiers and water purification systems produced by Bluewater in Sweden offer top quality purified water straight to your drinking water faucet.

Bluewater Cleone’s range of reverse osmosis purifying systems delivers one of the highest flow rates in the industry.
As with all other reverse osmosis filters, We recommend that your filters are changed every 6 months to maintain good quality drinking water. We can look after your water purification requirements, including installation, service, and maintenance, filters, and membrane changes. For those of you that would like to install the purification system themselves, that is fine as well.

The Bluewater Cleone purification purifiers come in 4 different types of reverse osmosis systems

The Cleone Classic Purifier details below


The Cleone Balance. Purification system details below


The Cleone Purity Plus. RO sytem details below


The Cleone Ultra. Reverse osmosis purification details below


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