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Aquamaster offers you a one-stop solution for all your water softeners and water treatment systems.
When it comes to commercial water softeners and other water filtration and purification systems, we can help you with the best solutions to resolve your water treatment requirements.
With professional qualification certificates in the water treatment industry, and a dedication to offer a top-quality service to all new and existing customers, you won't be disappointed.

  • Water softening equipment supplier with 43 years experience in the commercial water treatment industry
  • Hard water solutions for limescale problems caused by hard water
  • Ultrapure reverse osmosis systems and service repairs for Dentist in Cambridgeshire
  • Providing total Water treatment solutions and consultancy specialist services in Cambridge
  • Best commercial water softener service company in Cambridgeshire
  • Commercial water treatment systems for large and small users
  • Water softening services carried out on most makes and models
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  • Softeners for all commercial water treatment in Peterborough
  • Repairs and servicing for domestic or commercial softener machines
  • Servicing repairs and service of water softeners in Cambridgeshire
  • Water softener maintenance and repairs carried out on domestic,commercial and industrial systems
  • Water softening and softeners Cambridge UK, from 2.3m3/hr up to 58.5m3/hr capacity
  • Service contract and repairs carried out by experienced engineers
  • Commercial Water treatment systems for industry
  • Water softening engineers maintaining your systems, and stopping hard water lime scale buildup
  • Filters and purifiers that will improve the quality and taste of your drinking water
  • Bluewater Pro 400 purification purifiers provide you with healthy purified drinking water
  • Water softener machines and units that will keep your home free from hard water limescale problems
  • Keep your water softener unit serviced regularly to prevent costly repair bills
  • Well and borehole water treatment for iron,manganese,hardness,bacteria,acid water,sulfur, removal
  • Well water equipment and systems to stop brown and murky colour water
  • Water filtration and purification system to give you crystal clear water that is safe to drink and wash with
  • Borehole methods for removal and prevention of iron staining of sanitary ware
  • Stop hot and cold water pipe work from being blocked with iron sludge and limescale buildup
  • How to remove bad smell odour form borehole and well water systems
  • We can prevent bad odour coming from hot water cylinder and pipework
  • Duplex Industrial filtration purification system

    Commercial water treatment system

    Commercial duplex Fleck 2900 water softener with storage tank

    10M3H Duplex water softener with raw water storage tank and delivery pump

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd, directed by Chris Camp, has a reputation for quality installations through pride in workmanship, technical knowledge across the whole realm of water treatment and customer care. Chris’s knowledge and experience of sourcing the correct equipment, installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing domestic and commercial water treatment systems has developed from years of experience in the water treatment industry. We can also supply and install water filtration systems for home use, Cambridge and other areas of the UK in our areas covered section

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd also supplies and installs, as well as servicing most makes and models of domestic and commercial water filtration / reverse osmosis purification systems.

Some of our customers include dentists, catering events companies, electroplating manufacturers, hotels, supermarket retailers, engineering companies, care homes and Garden Centres.

Whether you are a private householder or a Commercial company looking for quality drinking water or scale-free water, you can be assured that your water-treatment concerns or requirements will be met.

You may have a water softener that is not working properly and requires servicing or repair.

Perhaps you have a reverse osmosis system that is no longer producing healthy drinking water due to expired filters, or the membranes need to be replaced or possibly a new pump.

Whatever your concerns with your current equipment, we will be able to resolve your problems and maintain the efficiency of your system to enable it to remain in top working order.

If your water treatment system is found to be beyond economical repair, you may choose to replace it with a new model.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd offers bespoke commercial reverse osmosis filtration systems or Ultrafiltration purification units for other applications.
These systems can be prepared, skid-mounted, and pre-plumbed.
Your system can be tailor-made to your specific and individual requirements.

We genuinely care about the ongoing satisfaction of our clients and consider that after-sales service and customer relations are extremely important to our reputation.
Chris will offer you a service that is guaranteed watertight. No apologies for the pun ! Call Aquamaster Now On 01354 740896

Water treatment Plant for commercial and industrial applications

  • Ultraviolet water treatment filtration systems Cambridgeshire
  • Industrial water softening systems and equipment for capacities from 58.5m3/hr up to 125.250m3/hr capacity
  • Industrial water filtration and purification equipment from leading brands of manufacturers
  • industrial water treatment plant and solutions for problem water conditions
  • Service repairs for Industrial water softeners
  • Water softener plant for industrial works
  • Water treatment services repairs and maintenance provided
  • Water treatment filtration filters and sediment removal for well and borehole systems
  • Well water treatment plant for nitrate removal and filtering equipment
  • Well water filtering systems maintained and services UK
  • Re-bedding and replacing of filter media in water treatment vessels

Industrial water treatment system

Industrial water treatment processes will usually involve several stages of filtration to achieve the required levels of water purification and purity levels.
This process could involve extracting water from rivers, lakes, wells, boreholes or seawater.

If the water is being extracted from a river, for example, the pre-treatment required will depend on the time of year that extraction takes place. Solids and sedimentation occur after heavy rainfall causing chocolate coloured water from turbulence.
This would then require a lot of pretreatment to make this water usable.

Normally when using river water, a coagulating chemical is added.
This facilitates a flocculating effect before going onto the next stages using lime and chlorine.

To continue the pre-treatment, a sand or multi-media filter would be used, followed by the dosing of a scale inhibitor.

Following on with pre-treatment processes in this example would, therefore, include a heat exchanger, de-chlorination, filtration, reverse osmosis, storage tank, degas, mixed bed ion exchange, and condensate storage to feed the boiler for a power station.

Additional stages of water filtration may be added to the above system depending on the desired end result for purity levels.
The higher the purity level required, the more stages of pre-treatment necessary.

In today's advancements in water treatment technology, water treatment companies around the world are using ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis tech-niches to improve water quality.
Ultrafiltration systems are used on many seawater desalination plants around the world as a pre-treatment process. Ultrafiltration can remove contaminants such as silt and algae
without the need for dosing chemicals such as chlorine and flocculants. Ultrafiltration will provide absolute barrier protection against water-borne diseases.
This is a very important pre-treatment requirement when using a reverse osmosis water treatment system.
It is necessary to remove all contaminants that can cause fouling of membranes, as downtime costs time and money to the operators of desalination plants. When the pre-treatment systems fail, it can cause front end or back end problems with the membranes. We can always use the mass balance equation to calculate the health of a desalination plant, provided all data was documented from new. we can carry out profiling of the membranes to make sure that all of the membranes in the pressure vessel are producing the correct levels of purity.

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