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Established in 1975, we cover Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, all of East Anglia and beyond for both residential and commercial users. Aquamaster offers water softening, Reverse Osmosis, Purification, Filtration and drinking water filter systems, Legionella ( L8 )...

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We carry out installation work for domestic or commercial water softeners, filtration and reverse osmosis systems, ph and ultraviolet systems, micro filtration, ultra filtration, carbon de-chlorination systems and re-bedding resin medias.

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We look forward to your enquiry to be able to discuss your individual requirements for your home or business.
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Eco-Pure Products

Aquamaster offers you a one – stop solution for all your water treatment requirements.
Domestic or Commercial enquiries welcomed.

This is the next generation of environmentally friendly water softening systems.


Cost of running the Eco-soft Softener being cheaper than salt

No water wastage so savings on water utility bills

No on-going maintenance of equipment in terms of spare parts, maintenance costs etc.

No backwashing /regeneration of brine solution required.

This results in less water wastage as well as far greater eco benefits due to too no brine solution being released into groundwater.

100% safe to drink due to being 100% non-toxic

Takes up Less space to install than a water softener

Reduced carbon footprint




Eco-Pure Products

Eco9 Immersible Water Treatment Unit for Legionella and Bacteria Control.

The Eco9 Immersible Control Unit is available in 5 sizes and can also be manufactured on a bespoke basis upon request. The unit has been designed for applications where a plumbed in system is either not possible, or impractical. The Eco9 is suitable for any application where water is stored and gets topped up artificially or naturally.
They are WRAS and NSF Approved.
With a guaranteed lifespan of 3 years, and actually lasting up to 5 years, the Eco9 provides a very cost effective application.
A method of treating water that creates an environment which allows water to remain in a constant pure state.


Each vessel contains hundreds of active ceramic spheres of which there are two main blends.
These ceramics are infused through nano-technology by way of a variety of natural minerals. When the spheres rub together through natural stratification or from turbulence of the water by way of topping up, this rubbing action creates strong electro chemical reactions including:

Oxidation of the water which will kill all anaerobic bacteria and prevent algae and fungi from growing within the water.
Strong electrolytic charge will also kill bacteria and biofilm bacteria, and will polarise the metal minerals within the water. This will in turn attract any heavy metals in the water to the ceramics, which will absorb and neutralise the metals.
The electrolytic reaction will also turn any residual chlorine to chloride, thereby ensuring that the water is still treated over the mid-term to deal with Legionella and E-coli, etc.
Fluoride is removed (by up to 85%) from the water by way of being absorbed into the porous ceramic.
As the PH of the water treated is changed towards neutral, the deposit of scale is immediately inhibited and actually removed over time, downstream of the influence of the active ceramics.
Water is conditioned to be softer by reducing the effects of limescale build up, thereby further assisting in the control of bacteria including Legionella. By removing the limescale, we remove the breeding grounds of anaerobic bacteria !
This method of treating water creates an environment whereby water remains in a purer state.


Depending on the size of the tank / application you wish to treat, we can treat up to 2000 litres of water with one unit. The media will keep the water free from a number of pathogenic bacteria and organisms, thus ensuring the stored water is kept in a safe condition. The Eco9 needs to be ideally placed by the inlet of the relevant tank for best results, but can ultimately be placed anywhere where there is most contact with the flow of water.

Ideal applications include:


These active ceramics have been extensively tested by UK water service companies and have NSF and WRAS approval. The media has been proven to eliminate and kill bacteria including Legionella, E-coli, Cryptosporidium, etc. Tests were performed in laboratory conditions and concentrated amounts of bacteria were eliminated within hours !

This is the most eco-friendly way of treating water without the need for expensive and potentially harmful chemicals. It is also very cost effective as requires no ongoing maintenance or cleaning of tanks on a 6-monthly or annual basis and negates the need for chemical dosing. It is an effective way of assisting in the control of Legionella and bacteria treatment.

Eco-Pure Products

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