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Commercial Water Softeners and Water Filtration system Valves.

On this page, l have listed the most common water softeners and water filtration valves. These water treatment valves are used on Domestic and Commercial systems.

Some of these commercial water softener systems valves are also used with well water treatment, borehole filtration, Iron Removal Systems, Nitrate Removal Systems, Manganese Removal Systems, Acid Neutralizing Systems, Whole House Carbon Filtration Systems, Multi-Media Filtration Systems.

We have many commercial customers that we have sold water softener systems to in the UK.

As with all commercial water treatment services, the importance of having a well-maintained water softener is paramount. If you run a care home, it is vital to stop hard water limescale buildup in the hot and cold water services. The thermostatic blending valve in care homes must provide the correct temperatures, and stop people from being scalded by hot water, when thermostatic valve become furred up with a hard water scale, they can no longer work correctly.

Hotels and guest houses use a lot of water. The need for a water softening system in a hard water area will pay back the investment over a period of time. The money that is saved from stopping limescale build up in the hot water tanks is just one of the benefits that a commercial water softener can offer.

Industrial water softeners play an important role in protecting equipment from the effect of hard water calcium buildup. If a steam boiler is running without any form of controlling Common impurities in the water, this may lead to scale or sludge deposits in boilers. It is always necessary to have a duplex water softening system as part of a pre-treatment to protect the reverse osmosis membranes from scaling up with limescale, of course on large RO system it is common to treat the raw water feed with Hydrochloric acid, as this reduces the ph of the water to be acidic and therefore will stop the limescale from forming.