Bluewater Pro 400 and Pro 600 premium drinking water purification technologies will remove over 99% of most contaminants found in the raw water today. This is due to the Innovated SuperiorOsmosis™ technology developed by Sweden. The Blue water reverse osmosis purifiers and filtration systems are ideal for large families, hotels, catering hire companies, or small commercial users

Aquamaster water Treatment Ltd are Authorised dealers, and service technicians for the Bluewater Pro 400 and 600c range of reverse osmosis water purifiers.

You can be assured of being looked after by a business that has over 43 years experience in selling and maintaining water purification and filtration systems.

Aquamaster offers you a one – stop solution for Best water purifiers and purification systems produced by Bluewater in Sweden.
Bluewater Pro 600 reverse osmosis purifying systems delivers one of the highest flow rates in the industry. We will look after your water purification requirements, be it Domestic or Commercial.

bluewater purification

The Bluewater Pro 400 and 600 are market leaders in water purifiers and purification systems

We can offer the complete Blue water pro range of water filtration revese osmosis systems, as below.
We do not only sell Bluewater reverse osmosis systems and new purifiers. We will also carry out preventative maintenance servicing and filter replacements, replacement membranes,repairs.

Bluewater Pro 400C-HF,Pro 400C-HR, Pro 400B-HR, Pro 400CV-HR, Pro 400BCV-HR, Pro 600C-HF,Pro 600C-HR. Bluewater Spirit 300C-HF, 300CP-HR.

Bluewater Pro 400 replacement filters, The Bluewater Pro 600 replacement filters requires 2 carbon filters that need to be replace together.

All Bluewater reverse osmosis systems have the patented Superior Osmosis tm technology for homes and commercial users.They are designed by a professional water purifier company, based in Sweden.
The Bluewater Pro 400 BCV Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System is ideal for treating Brackish Water. It will treat water with a TDS of 7000, and can be used on brackish well water problems. If you have salty brackish water it will be necessary to have some form of desalination and water treatment system to remove the salty water.

If you require servicing, replacement filters, membranes or any other service parts, we will be happy to help you resolve your water purifiers problems. We supply complete reverse osmosis systems and replacement parts to many customers in Europe.

Turning tap water into healthier drinking water. Making cleaner, healthier water your individual choice. A supper-efficient approach to purifying tap water.

The Best in reverse osmosis designed purifiers by Bluewater of Sweden, Pro 400 and Pro 600 filtration and purification systems used for domestic and commercial use.

If you are looking for a quality reliable compact tankless reverse osmosis system, you have found it. The Bluewater PRO 400C-HF or HR, PRO 600C -HF or PRO 600CV-HR purification and filtration systems are future in producing healthier drinking water.

Choosing the best home tap water solution.

Contemporary, functional and high quality. Bluewater water purifiers are designed to meet the needs of contemporary homes and commercial kitchens alike. Bringing you cleaner, safer and tastier drinking water. Directly from your tap. All day, every day, Bluewater's Superior Osmosis technology delivers a cutting-edge clean water delivery rate, filtration, capacity and efficiency. Ensuring superior water purification.

Reverse osmosis is widely considered the most effective method of purifying water due to the filtration processes that remove virtually all pollutants including micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins- leaving safer, pure water. Reverse osmosis technology purifies water by forcing untreated water through a semi-permeable filter or membrane. The membrane blocks chemicals, and other contaminants as well as bad odours and taste. The filter captures everything nasty down to 0.0001 micron ( that's around 500,000 times less than the diameter of a human hair).

Best water purifiers and purification systems

Bluewater water purifiers deliver the world's most effective residential water cleaning technology, removing over 99% of the most known pollutants in the water, which compares with hospital standards.


Bluewater's water purifiers deliver the world's highest clean water flow for a residential unit of up to 5.7 litres per minute, equaling 300 litres of purified water per hour overhall.


Bluewater's second generation reverse osmosis water purifiers use 82% less water than a traditional water purifier to flush out contaminants, which is great newa for the environment where fresh water is in short supply.

The design of a Bluewater water purifier was honoured with Europe's top ' Red Dot' design award.


Because the Bluewater Reverse Osmosis system is Direct Flow, due to the internal high pressure pump used, these reverse osmosis systems are ideal for Glass washing machines. Dentist autoclave sterilisation systems, Steam Cookers, Engineering, Laboratory applications, Printing Industry, Humidifiers. The Dometic / Bluewater Purification reverse osmosis systems can also be used as a whole house system, especially if the water is brackish.

Nutrient Feed Water

In both hydroponics and conventional greenhouses, the quality of water being fed to the plants should be consistent quality. Variations in water quality can effect the health and growing rate of the plants. Reverse osmosis is a choice solution to meet these process requirements.

Produce Misting

Many grocers use misters to keep fresh produce hydrated. The quality of the water used will have an effect on the hydrating process. Contaiminants will hamper the speed at which water can be absorbed into the produce.


Today's printing process uses sophisticated water-based inks. These inks are supplied to printers in bulk, and are diluted prior to use. To assure high quality, and quick drying, high purity reverse osmosis water is recommended.

Paint Pre-treatment

Many paint supplies recommend purified water rinsing before application of industrial paints. By using a high grade water prior to the finishing operation, bonding of the paint to the part is improved, creating a stronger finish.

Steamers used in buffet lines use water to keep food warm. During normal operation the water evaporates, leaving behind any minerals left in the water.These minerals will deposit on the steamer, requiring cleaning of parts and equipment.

Cooking Water

Many recipes will call for the use of water, either as an ingredient or in the cooking process. Reduce the cost for making coffee; less grounds are used with Bluewater reverse osmosis quality water. Reduce the cost of making soft drinks. Can set syrup radio lower. Improve the taste of drinking water, tea and coffee. Improve nutritional value of food cooked with Bluewater reverse osmosis water.

Decorative spot-free rinse water

In many washing processes, the water used will leave spotting. Spotting will occur when the water dries, leaving behind any dissolved contaminants. To resolve this issue, chemicals can be added to the rinse water to reduce spotting. In some cases, each part must be wiped clean to eliminate spotting. Bluewater reverse osmosis purifying water treatment system, and be used as a chemical free alternative to eliminate spotting.

Dentist Autoclave feed water

Many medical offices are now equipped with their own sterilisation equipment, the autoclave. This device sterilises instruments through the use of heat and pressure. As parts of its operation, feed water to the system is required. RO water is ideal due to its low TDS and provides for reduced operational wear on the autoclave.